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Meet Denise – Human Resources Coordinator in Corporate!

Meet Denise, the Human Resources Coordinator in the Corporate office! Before starting at Hire up, Denise supported multiple recruiters remotely with the onboarding and hiring process. She also scheduled drug tests, ran background screens required by the client, and completed i9s and all other onboarding documents to ensure compliance. Denise is most proud of one work-related accomplishment: not letting negativity or closed doors stunt her growth. Denise’s one goal now is to maintain optimism and a fun, professional work environment. She is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because she is part of a thriving, reputable, female-dominated company. Outside of the office, you can find Denise spending time at the gun range, where she usually tries to challenge herself to learn something new or a new skill.

Partnering with a Staffing Agency During Uncertain Times

Leah Perez

Vice President of Major Accounts

Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare

October 3, 2022

If you are a business owner or leader, chances are you are keeping a close eye on the news and wondering what these headlines might mean for your business. Or perhaps you are already facing hard choices within your organization like hiring freezes, position eliminations, and/or layoffs. If this resonates with you, then it is important to recognize that you are not alone.

Fred Rogers has been quoted as saying, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

While speaking on behalf of a helping group, I have firsthand knowledge of the many benefits a professional Staffing Agency can offer its clients during times like these. It might seem counterintuitive to partner with a staffing agency during an economic downturn. However, during times of volatility, I would encourage you to add to your arsenal of support rather than look for ways to reduce it.

Read along for a list of meaningful deliverables your Staffing Partners can offer during times of uncertainty that you may not have considered:

If your company is put on a hiring freeze:

An internal hiring freeze typically puts a hold on permanent hires. Often this does not mean that you can’t hire contingent staff during peak months, or in the event of a large customer order. Getting companies through their hiring freeze is a great example of how valuable a trusted partner can be.  You still have customer orders to fill. You still have a business to run.  If you can’t hire permanently, then call your staffing agency and hire temporarily to keep the necessary workflow going until the hiring freeze can be lifted. That is the beauty of having a solid, contingent staff in place when the unexpected happens. 

If your company does layoffs:

Layoffs are difficult for everyone involved.  There are a few ways your staffing partner can help during this tough time. 

  1. Call your agency and ask them to put together a list of current job openings, along with a stack of agency business cards that you can share with your staff that is affected by the layoffs. This will connect your staff directly with your agency contact and immediately provide a lifeline for other opportunities.
  2. Follow up with your agency contact regularly on the status of placed employees.
  3. Explore the option of bringing back laid off employees contingently through your staffing agency.  Many times, companies have a budget for incidentals or contingencies that you can pull from to bring back folks temporarily to keep productivity moving. This could secure your best employees that had to be laid off in hopes of them returning permanently when business picks back up.

If YOU get laid off:

  1. Layoffs can affect everyone.  Many times, layoffs can happen to you when you least expect it. Who will you call when it does?  Who knows you well enough to help guide you in your job search?  Should you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, having a trusted recruiter who is on your side and knows you well is golden. 
  2. Could you find your own job if you were to be laid off? Of course, you can. But wouldn’t it help to have someone in your corner assisting you in your search? Yes!  As a recruiter, many times my clients have called me and said, “Guess what?  I need your help finding ME a new position.”  It happens.  Life happens.  And if it does, have a plan for yourself.

Feeling overwhelmed by information overload?

Utilize your resources! Staffing professionals hold valuable market insight, and we have our finger on the pulse of all industries, all the time. Connect with someone outside of your organization on occasion for a renewed perspective. Ask your staffing partners what it is they are seeing within your industry and beyond. Identify the trends they are witnessing and get their scoop on what might be working for other organizations, both local and non-local.

Let us help you plan:

Meet with a staffing agency when your company is going through a downturn– it is the best time to do it!  A staffing professional will be able to provide you with information on the market, share hiring trends, and provide other helpful economic data to assist you in developing a plan for today and tomorrow. We can help a client get through the hard times and prepare for happier ones.

Once the time comes to start hiring again, you will have a plan and your staffing agency will be there to help you through it—every step of the way.

If you are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss all the ways we can help, email me and we will schedule a support call ASAP.  [email protected]

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Leah Perez, VP of Major Accounts | October 3, 2022

As the Vice President of Major Accounts, Leah focuses on the national level clients. Leah has over 16 years of recruiting experience in various industries from medical/clinical to administrative/accounting, all of which has launched her to being one of the most well-respected staffing leaders in California.  Clients and candidates would describe her as urgent, ethical, and most importantly she takes the time to understand her clients needs so she can properly assist them. Leah would love to speak with you so she can help your business reach new heights

Meet Anthony – Recruiting Manager in Dallas!

Meet Anthony, your Recruiting Manager in the Dallas office. Anthony has prior experience working in Sales and as a Recruiter for a total of five years. We could say that you are in good hands with Anthony! One of the work accomplishments that he is most proud of is being the top recruiter at his previous company. One goal he would love to accomplish in the future is having his own company. Anthony is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because he thinks it is an excellent company and has a fun culture. Outside the office, you can find Anthony listening to music and shopping.

Meet Chance – Accounts Receivable in Corporate!

Meet Chance, the Accounts Receivable Coordinator in the Corporate branch! Before coming to Hire Up Staffing, Chance worked primarily within Security and the Military. He ran operations for the companies he worked for, and in the Military, he was a Sniper in the Rangers. One of Chance’s work accomplishments that he is proud of was becoming Chief of Operations at a young age and doing so as the youngest person in the company. One of his goals now is to have a great career and something that he looks forward to every day. Outside of the office, you can find Chance playing sports, working out, or doing activities outdoors.

Meet Kamri – Recruiting Manager in East Bay!

Meet Kamri, Recruiting Manager in the East Bay branch! Kamri has worked as a Front Office Manager, Authorization Agent, Supervisor, and in Sales and Guest Services. One accomplishment that she is proud of is when she was promoted from the Guest Service agent to the Front Office Manager. One of her goals at the moment is to gain more experience in Sales and Marketing! Kamri is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because she is confident she will gain a lot of experience in Sales/Marketing and is optimistic she will further her career in many different areas. Outside the office, you can find Kamri spending time with family, friends, and her significant other, binge-watching TV, working out, and trying new recipes and restaurants.

Are Career Certifications Worth It?

Lauren Milam

Vice President of West Coast

Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare

September 7, 2022

While we remain in a candidate-driven market, conscientious jobseekers are looking to put their best foot forward with top employers who are offering more in terms of flexibility and overall employee wellbeing. When considering how to best grab a top employer’s attention, or to make the most of their professional development, people often ask if obtaining a career certification is worth it. As a team of professional recruiters who match the skills of candidates with the needs of top employers every single day, we have that answer for you…and that is: MAYBE.

Before spending your time and money to get a career certification, it is best to ask yourself these questions:

1.  Does my job or employer require it?

Chances are, if your current job does require it, it would have been a prerequisite of your employment. Companies who require certifications will most often not even consider a candidate without one. Positions requiring certifications to be obtained before hire often include jobs like Forklift Drivers, positions within IT, and Medical Assistants.

2. Will certification be required for a position I am looking to secure in the future?

As mentioned, many employers will require certifications as a prerequisite to interview for such positions. To know for certain if a job you are interested in requires a certification, review the job description thoroughly. A well-written job description will list the requirements for the role.

3. If a certification is not listed as a requirement, can it still be helpful to me?

Potentially. This depends upon the position and the industry with which you are looking to work. For instance, an HR Generalist position may not require a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification, however, having one could place your resume above others.

Learning any new skill or honing your knowledge of a particular career-focused subject is never a bad idea. The important thing to consider is whether the certification itself is required for the job, and if the time and money required makes sense for your specific situation.

4. How long does it take to get a certification?

Certifications range in hours required and the costs associated. Some certifications require renewals (Certification Renewals (CE)), and some are good for life (GLF). It is important to research certifications thoroughly for the commitment associated, as well as the quality and reputation of the program and the institution by which it is provided.

5. Are there any cost-friendly insider tips you may have to enhance my skillset while improving my resume?

There are many ways to broaden your knowledge on a subject or industry, while also strengthening your resume. You may find benefits in attending a conference, industry workshop, or joining an association or networking group related to your specific area of interest. You might look for paid/unpaid internships or ways to volunteer your time to get closer to others working within your preferred field.

Consider self-study to broaden your knowledge. Read books and publications, watch podcasts, YouTube, and Ted Talks. It is possible you can utilize self-study resources at your local library. Stay on top of industry and local news related to your career of choice; sign up for newsletters and/or online updates. Find industry leaders and companies you admire and follow them on social media to stay alert and virtually connected.

There are also helpful and free courses available through LinkedIn. If you do not yet have an account, visit their website for more information. LinkedIn is another opportunity to connect with others in your preferred field of work. In addition to studies, networking is important to improving your professional tools and resources.

Whenever in doubt, seek assistance from the professionals! Staffing companies like ours are already networked within a variety of industries all over the country. Because of this, we likely have connections within the industry you are looking to work and can work on your behalf to do a bit of the networking for you. In addition, we can assist you with tips to polish up your resume, practice your interview skills, as well as identify ways to best connect you with positions within organizations you most want to work.

When it comes to working with a staffing agency, you might find that it can be your best bet to working smarter and not harder. Give us a call. Let us help!

— Follow the Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services Blog to stay connected with a variety of topics aimed to help support you! Whether you are an active job seeker looking for tips and tricks to land your perfect job or an employer looking to fill a challenging position, we are here to help you HIRE UP!

Lauren Milam Vice President of West Coast | September 7, 2022

Meet Lauren Milam, Regional Vice President for Hire Up Staffing Services. Lauren started in the staffing industry 7 years ago as a Recruiter. Finding success in her role quickly, she promoted through the ranks to outside sales, training and development, and then Regional Vice President. She joined Hire Up in November of 2019 as our first Regional Vice President hire for the California Market. Since starting at Hire Up, she has created and implemented new sales campaigns and initiatives to help the company grow. In her first quarter with Hire Up, she helped the recruiters increase their individual gross profit by an average of 28%. She does this by creating plans that focus on the individual needs of each office and person.

Meet Gregory – Recruiting Manager in Visalia!

Gregory Picture

Meet Gregory, your Recruiting Manager in the Visalia branch! Before starting at Hire Up, Gregory was in the U.S Army as a tank mechanic and is continuing to work at his own business doing carpet cleaning. One accomplishment he is proud of while working in the Army was receiving a leadership award. He loved to be a leader and to be recognized for it. One piece of advice that Gregory heard and would give to others is never to get comfortable. Comfort makes you lazy, so you should strive for more. Gregory is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because it is a new experience for him and can potentially lead to many different positions that will help him grow and learn more tasks. When he is outside the office, you can find Gregory going to the gym, skateboarding, playing video games, and spending time with his children.

Meet Fidelina – Recruiting Manager in Visalia!

Meet Fidelina, the Recruiting Manager in the Visalia branch! Fidelina has seven years in the staffing industry with 6 years of recruiting. She was recently a Staffing Consultant at another agency so she is no stranger to speaking to clients and candidates. One of Fidelina’s proudest moments in her working career is placing her first direct-hire and helping that person find a career.

Fidelina is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because the work atmosphere is positive and the staff is very welcoming. When Fidelina is outside of the office, you can find her being with her parents and siblings as well as her in-laws. When she isn’t with her family she is doing makeup videos or trying new makeup trends. Fidelina also likes to read books and go to the gym.

Meet Trevor – Recruiting Manager in San Diego!

Meet Trevor, the Recruiting Manager in the San Diego branch. Before starting at Hire Up Staffing, Trevor started his career as a Manager Trainee for a rent-a-car company, then moved on to manage a brewing company, and recently worked for a tech company working in direct sales. One work-related accomplishment that Trevor is proud of occurred when he made the top 15 on the matrix for employees. One professional goal he has is to grow within the company and as a person. He wants to soak in all the skills that Hire Up offers.

Trevor is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because it gives him a new opportunity to learn but also a chance to grow. When Trevor is outside of the office, you can find him playing hockey, camping, and going on hikes.

Meet Brisenya – Recruiting Manager in Bakersfield

Meet Brisenya, the Recruiting Manager in the Bakersfield office! Brisenya worked at a wireless company for the last seven years of her career. She was promoted to Store/Sales Manager after two years. During her time at the company, she mastered customer service, recruited, hired, and developed the store staff. She also supervised functions, inventory, scheduling, cash flow, merchandising, and operations. One work-related accomplishment that she is proud of happened when she created team spirit within her company that resulted in increased sales and long-term employees and received several certificates of recognition from the CEO. Her goal while working at Hire Up Staffing is to be a proactive and valuable team member who brings good energy so she can deliver and exceed all expectations. She also wants to start her own small woman business!

Brisenya is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because of the new culture and challenges. This is a new chapter for her, and she is eager to help the people in her community find employees and employment. When she is outside of the office, you can find Brisenya traveling! She loves culture, and she considers herself a social butterfly. When she is not working, you will catch her somewhere on the coast, lying on the beach with her 4-year-old!