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OnePoint Human Capital Management is Our May Featured Client!


This month we’d like to shine some light on an amazing company we work with, OnePoint Human Capital Management. Located in Selma and servicing locations across California, this company has been providing payroll and HR technology solutions to growing companies for over 10 years.  They have an incredible staff of knowledgeable professionals that help a diverse client base find better ways to manage employee data, automate timekeeping, process payroll, and streamline reporting and compliance in a single platform.

OnePoint Tech Stack[1]

Their mission is simple but powerful! It is to help customers succeed with a robust HCM platform and dedicated customer support.  Every member of their staff is encouraged to contribute ideas to improve internal operations while at the same time finding opportunities to help improve client operations.

We love companies that care, and OnePoint’s customer-centric approach is in line with our own values. Their clients appreciate the level of customer service offered as well as the in-depth knowledge of their platform and ability to resolve questions quickly.

Another great feature of this company is that they offer a ton of free resources!

Click HERE to sign up for their newsletter and HERE to read their blog!

OnePoint-Cloud-with-website 250 px wide[1]

Congratulations Stephanie Randolph — May Internal EOTM


Stephanie Randolph just celebrated her 5 year anniversary with Hire Up Staffing! In the last 5 years, she has proven to be a dedicated employee, an excellent team member, and a core member of our Hire Up family. It is our honor to present this award to her — Congratulations on being chosen to be May’s Internal Employee of the Month! You deserve it Stephanie.

Here is what her supervisor had to say:

“Stephanie, of course you’d be picked as one of our super stars! Your dedication and desire to see Hire Up grow is unmatched with your drive to build more accounts. I appreciate you so much! Congrats on employee of the month! – Rebecca Abell”

Congratulations Breanna – Hire Up's March Fresno EOTM


Today we recognize Breanna, Accounting Specialist at Senior Citizen’s Village, as Hire Up Staffing’s Fresno Employee of the Month for March. She was selected out of all our employees in the entire Fresno area. We are proud to have such wonderful and talented people working for us and our clients!

While making a special delivery to her, we had a chance to talk to Guillermo Moreno, Breanna’s supervisor and this is what he had to say: “Finding the right employee is often an employers worst nightmare. A couple of weeks ago, our organization was left once again in a difficult position with a key member of our staff needed. Breanna stepped in and has alleviated the stress most of us have felt. Breanna’s attention to detail and work ethic is something not seen in todays employee pool. Not only did we find the perfect candidate for the position, but we found a new member of our non-profit family. The Senior Citizens Village is proud of Breanna and couldn’t agree more on her selection as employee of the month. To all the other employees of Hire Up, good luck, Breanna has set the bar high.”

Thank you on behalf of all of us at Hire Up. We appreciate all of your hard work!

Congratulations Gina Ireland – Hire Up's March Internal EOTM


It’s that time again — time to recognize the amazing talent we have at Hire Up Staffing! Gina Ireland is our Internal Employee of the Month for March. Here is what her supervisor had to say. “Gina, Congratulations to you on behalf of all the team here at Hire Up Staffing Services! You are our choice for our Employee of the Month Award for the month of March 2018. The way you have performed throughout the last month, and your entire year with us really, shows your hard work, your sincerity, perseverance and diligence. We all have taken note of and appreciate your high level of proficiency in handling the tasks assigned to you, your craving for perfection, your communication skills and your humble behavior with all of us. We love your spirit and look forward to a successful year! You truly are an asset to our company!” – Rhonda Gipson – Fresno Branch Manager

Keep up the good work!


Congrats Amber – Hire Up Employee Of The Month For June!!

Congratulations Amber! You did an outstanding job during the month of June and we wanted to tell you that you are AMAZING! We appreciate all you do!

The Employee of the Month at Hire Up Staffing – Central Valley, is selected by management and is the recognition of an individual for their outstanding contribution as an employee. Here are Employee of the Month traits that we look for, all of which our June 2016 employee has proven to be:

Ambitious, reliable, hard working, humble, positive, self-motivated, team-spirited, proactive, self-managed, detail oriented, honest, never misses work, and is ALWAYS ON TIME! Way to set an example for your coworkers.


Are you looking to start a new career? Or looking for a job? Hire Up Staffing is the answer to your job search. We have an abundance of positions in various industries. Some of our job openings are temporary, while others are temp to hire, and permanent. Not living in Fresno, that is okay! Great news, we are now staffing throughout the Central Valley. With a new location in Visalia, and others in Bakersfield, Atwater, and Madera popping up, we are sure to find the right position near you and for you. CLICK HERE to apply now.

Top Ways to Manage Under-performers

Top ways to manage under performers

A few years ago, Fresno was unfortunately part of the top 10 in Forbes’s list of cities with the highest unemployment rates in the country. Back in 2013, the unemployment rate was at 14.4% – in fact, California dominated the list with 8 cities belonging to the top 10. Obviously, it wasn’t a good year for employment in the Golden State, but we have risen from that since. As of March this year, unemployment rate has gone down to 10.6%.

This made us wonder, what was causing these unemployment issues? Do people leave jobs by choice, or could it be possible that companies let go of people for being under-performers? The sad reality is, unfocused employees end up doing a disappointing job at what they’re getting paid to do. However, when managed correctly, these same people can be an employer’s greatest asset.

While employee behavior is not the sole responsibility of whoever hired them, it’s also important to know it plays a role. It has to go both ways – employer and employee both need to do their best. Here is how to do your part, should an employee’s behavior start causing concern.

Give Feedback

It’s important to give clear feedback to your employees. However, for those who underperform (or at least seem to be), talk to them first rather than reprimanding them on the get go. If their quality of work suddenly drops, there has to be a reason so speak to them about what has changed and what they can do about it.


They say communication is a two-way thing, so after giving feedback let them say their piece too. Give the employee a chance to speak their point of view and see what the cause of the problem is.

Address Large-Scale Issues

When your employee singles out a concern that affects more than just themselves but a team or the entire company, make sure to address it. For example, if one person feels they are overburdened, there is a chance others might feel the same too.

Find Out What Makes Them Tick

It’s also very important to try and understand what makes a person tick – take time to know your employees. While it’s difficult for larger companies, try an umbrella approach. Bottom line is to get to what drives your people – what are their long-term goals? This also helps in scouting people for future promotions.

Create Performance Goals

Create performance goals – together. Sure, you as a company would need to do it, but make sure to include your employees too. Seek feedback from them as well – ask your employees how they’d like to improve and what skills they need in order to do so. This kind of engagement is motivating for them, and would greatly improve your company should you follow through. It’s a win-win situation.

Follow Up

As previously mentioned, you should follow through. Always check on your employees. After they’ve set their goals, monitor how they are progressing. Something as simple as checking if someone’s completed a task by the target date can make a big difference. Management often seem like they do not care, but showing interest in your employee’s work actually help boost morale for them.

Recognize When They Improve

One of the most disengaging things for an employee is when they get asked to improve but don’t get commended for their progress. Make sure you recognize their accomplishments, and if you want you may even reward them. Continue providing feedback, especially positive ones. A simple “thank you” or “well done” can give them the boost they need, and in turn, it helps your organization too.

Do Not Let Continued Underperformance Slip By

If there’s still no improvement, it’s time to formally act on continued underperformance. Checking on their poor behavior lets the employee know you are being serious, and that your organization does not tolerate negative attitudes that take away from a conducive and productive environment. In addition, other people who work hard may get unmotivated if they see their coworkers slacking off without any consequences.

Know When to Cut Ties

It’s never easy to let go of someone, and should be considered a last resort only. However, if you have absolutely tried your best to fix an issue but the employee still continues to be careless and insensible about their job, it’s time to cut ties. This is especially true if they spread negativity, break rules, and do more damage than actually help out at work.


How to Make the Most Out of a Transition Job

how to make the most out of a transition job

There are various reasons for being stuck in between jobs. Whether you left your position or you have been unfortunately laid off, a career transition can sometimes be confusing for anyone. Landing a job can be tough, all the more so when it comes to landing your dream job. It involves a lot of hard work and sacrifice, among other things.

While unemployment is gradually going away and more companies are bouncing back from a poor job market resulting from the recent Recession five or so years ago, there will still be job seekers who are competing in a pretty tight job market. Although it may sometimes be difficult to accept, there will be times you will have to take a bridge job (sometimes called a transitional or bridge job) in order to make ends meet while you are searching for that ideal or dream job.

It’s important for job applicants to make the most of every employment opportunity. Primarily, a transition job is there so you can pay the bills, but it can potentially be so much more! Here are a few tips and information for getting the most from your transitional work so you can be one step closer to your dream career.

Define What You Want and Need

A transition job can put things in perspective. You are able to know your basic budget in specific terms, and you will be able to narrow down the minimal amount of money that allows you to survive. Basically, this is getting to know a financial plan without indulging in unnecessary luxuries.

Broaden Your Skill Set

Whether you’re native to Fresno or you moved here only recently, you need to learn everything you can. Widen your skill set; look for ways to gain various types of experience, preferably the ones with transferable job skills. These will be useful in building your resume, thus making you more attractive to potential employers.

Network Whenever You Can

It’s important to make networking contacts. Even though the nature of your transition job is most likely temporary, you should still go ahead and introduce yourself. Let your presence be known to coworkers and managers, both inside your department and outside.

Explore Other Career Options

Although initially you may have accepted a job for transitional purposes only, why not explore? Rather than thinking of the job as a “necessary evil” you should try and see it as an opportunity for discovering new things. The key here is to keep an open mind! Why not speak to your manager about possible career paths in this industry you went in, considering your educational and work background. Who knows? You may actually find a way to get a job based on your current skill set within an entirely different industry! It may just kick start a new career you never even thought possible.

Show a Great Attitude

Even if a job is temporary, you don’t necessarily have to treat it that way. It’s still important to give your best effort every day that you come to work, regardless if you’re overqualified for it. You’ll never know what kind of opportunities will start knocking at your door, whether today or in the future, because of this job. When you do your best for an employer temporary or otherwise, hiring managers will take notice.

Other Pros & Cons

Clearly, transition jobs have their own good and bad effects. Bridge jobs are easy to find and usually easy to do. However, it may sometimes get boring especially if you’re used to more challenging jobs that give more. Always remember that transition jobs on the upside would eliminate your fear of not being able to pay rent or buy basic necessities like food.

Although it may be a big difference from a lifestyle you may have grown accustomed to, temporarily cutting back on unnecessary expenses (or even eliminating them altogether) does help. In addition, this viable short-term solution also gives you that much-needed break from a quick-paced competitive job – you’re able to take a step back and see things from a new perspective, possibly rediscovering passions forgotten along the way.

Are you looking for work?  We can help you look for jobs and get hired. Whether it’s a temporary position or something more long-term, you can contact us to know more about local job opportunities in the Central Valley area.



The Power Of A Good Bridge Job

Should You Take a Transition Job?

Fresno, We Need A Business Development Manager ASAP – Pays $40K!

business development manager

Large Financial Consultant firm in Fresno is looking to hire a Business Development Manager to add to their growing team. Qualified candidates must have a college degree, pleasant personality, and is a self-starter. Some of the job duties include cold calling 150-200 a day, coordinate the mass production of new client account paperwork, and work with recruiting personnel in driving results from the recruiting process. Desired candidates should have previous experience in customer service, be able to meet deadlines, maintain business relationships, and have excellent communication skills. Software skills include Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and Adobe. The Business Development Manager is a temp-to-hire position with a salary of $40k-$52k (depending on experience) with commission.

If you meet the qualifications of this opening, please submit your resume by emailing it to Saralina Ortiz, [email protected] Locally owned and operated, while expanding throughout the Central Valley (including Merced, Madera, Fresno, Visalia and Bakersfield areas), we are dedicated to serving our clients and applicants with the most comprehensive and professional level of service because we strive to serve you the best out of any recruitment service in our area. You may also apply on our website at and keep up to date by “liking” us on Facebook at Rate us on Indeed at: We are confident you will find our service is a step Hire Up from the rest!

Customer Service Representative Needed In Fresno ASAP


Large publishing company in Fresno is looking for an experienced Customer Service Representative to join their team. The Customer Service Representative will be the first point of contact with their customers and clients. This person will be responsible for providing consistent in-bound phone support in a high volume call center environment. Also, they will keep accurate record of customer interactions of transactions, and recording details of inquiries, comments, complaints and actions taken to solve the problems. Qualified candidates must be bilingual Spanish and be able to type more that 40 wpm. The Customer Service Representative should have 2+ years of experience working in a call center.This is a temp-to-hire position with a pay rate of $14/hr.

If you meet the qualifications of this opening, please submit your resume by emailing it to [email protected] If you meet the qualifications of this opening, please submit your resume to Stephanie Randolph @ [email protected] You may also apply on our website at and keep up to date by “liking” us on Facebook at We are confident you will find our service is a step Hire Up from the rest! Hire Up is a full-service staffing firm dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service for direct hire, temp-to-hire and temporary positions; including assistance with payrolling candidates, pre-employment background checks and job search resources for applicants. Locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to serving our clients and applicants with the most comprehensive and professional level of service because we strive to serve you the best out of any recruitment service in our area.

Fresno Offers Working Legal Immigrants a Path to US Citizenship; Positively Affects Job Market


Fresno’s immigration office is offering legal migrants from other countries to apply for American citizenship. Based in Downtown Fresno on the Old Warehouse Row, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office is inviting working migrants who are here legally to get their green card.

According to a report by According to the Minnesota Population Center “2013 American Community Survey Integrated Public Use Microdata Series” and tabulations by Business Insider, most immigrant jobs in California fall under miscellaneous agricultural workers.

While this is true, and countrywide it revealed that many immigrants are housekeepers, janitors and agricultural workers, there are a lot of native-born who make the majority of jobs thought to be overwhelmingly worked by non-natives. According to the Center for Immigration Studies:

Maids and housekeepers: 51% native-born

Taxi drivers and chauffeurs: 58% native-born

Butchers and meat processors: 63% native-born

Grounds maintenance workers: 64% native-born

Construction laborers: 66% native-born

Porters, bellhops, and concierges: 72% native-born

Janitors: 73% native-born

However, the jobs worked by immigrants usually require little formal education and would pay low wages. For example, in high-immigrant occupations, 59% of the workers have a high school education or lower, in comparison to 31% of the rest of the labor force.

Native-born US citizens have nothing to worry about either – immigrants aren’t “stealing” jobs. In fact, economists mostly agree that immigration is good for the economy. Immigrants create jobs and make native-born workers more prosperous too.

Based on tabulations from the 2013 American Community Survey, the top 10 occupations for immigrant workers without high school diplomas are:

Maids and housekeepers


Misc. agricultural workers

Construction laborers

Janitors and building cleaners

Grounds maintenance workers

Driver/sales workers and truck drivers

Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers



It is predicted that by 2022, approximately 4 million more jobs that don’t require high school degrees will be added to the U.S. job market.

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