Career Magician (aka Recruiter – Modesto)

Meet Aphrodite Gates, Recruiter for the Modesto office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Prior to devoting her full-time work to Hire up, Aphrodite was a Sales Manager for one of the top cable companies in California where she managed her own team. With strong leadership skills, knowledge of sales and a hunger for knowledge, Aphrodite stepped into staffing. She focuses on leading job seekers to their dream careers and employers to their dream employees.

When Aphrodite is not working closely with her clients, she enjoys spending time with her love ones and focusing on her love for performing arts. At the age of fifteen Aphrodite played a lead role in a Shakespeare play A Mid-Summer Nights Dream. From that day on she fell in love with theater and spends a lot of her free time attending and participating in local plays. She also loves nature, you can occasionally find her spending her weekends growing her garden. When free for travel, Aphrodite enjoys spending her time in Hawaii and Disney World.

Aphrodite has worked for many professional companies, but her experience at Hire Up has enabled her to make a huge difference in the work force. She is excited to continue to assist in building the careers of the Valley!

Vibe Manager (aka Territory Director of Bakersfield)

Meet Sarah Green, Territory Director for the Bakersfield office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Sarah has over five years of experience within the Staffing Industry. With passion and dedication she has excelled in a variety of staffing sectors. Sarah loves to see her team succeed as well as watching her clients and candidates find the perfect match. Born and raised in Germany she relocated to the United States in December 2013 and has been pursuing, and advancing her career as a staffing subject matter expert ever since. Sarah joined the Hire Up Staffing Team to kick off 2020. She has experience with clerical, high level professional staffing, medical staffing and even light and heavy industrial skilled trades staffing.

When Sarah is not hard at work as the Territory Director of Bakersfield she spends her time hiking, she is currently training to hike Mount Whitney at the elevation of 14,505 feet! She is a complete movie fanatic, mainly horror movies; sometimes she will even watch the original and the re-make back to back just to compare! Sarah loves her dogs and is obsessed with antique rugs. From buying her rugs to restoring them. She gets excited to steam clean her precious rugs, watching them transform old to new in order to prepare them for her beloved dogs to lounge on. 

With a passion for good vibes and positive energy at the workplace she defends her motto on daily basis: “Fall down seven times, get up eight!” which has made her successful serving our wonderful Kern County and surrounding areas. We are excited to watch Sarah lead our South Valley to a strong, engaging, successful year! 

All You Need to Know About State Mandates for Face Coverings in the Workplace

We at Hire Ups are keeping a close eye on new mandates and laws relating to workplace environments.  Local and state governments are implementing industry-specific guidelines to ensure a risk-free environment for employees. Especially as counties across different states are experiencing spikes in the number of new Covid 19 cases.  A real challenge to keep up with a moving target.

In this post, we focused on the mandates in the states where we work; namely, Arizona, Colorado, California, Illinois, Nevada, Texas and Washington state.  Each of these states re-opened in different time frames according to the reopening roadmap.  And are consequently issuing mandates as cases of the virus are increasing.

Here’s what’s happening across these states:

# 1  –  Arizona

“Mask Up Arizona” says it all, right?  While wearing masks is not a statewide mandate, all the local Mayors asked the Governor for authorization to mandate and enforce the use of face coverings.  There is grave concern by officials as their state is experiencing a spike in cases, particularly along the southern border of Mexico.

The Governor’s office requires face masks for workers in the State’s office while at work unless an employee is in a meeting with adequate distancing or in their cubicle or office.

Throughout State government, telework has greatly expanded more than 45%.  Roughly 32,000 members of the state workforce are telecommuting.

Maricopa County is now, in a complete about face, requiring masks anytime a distance of 6 feet cannot be maintained between people.  Gila County has also issued a mandate.

  • Social distancing is required in public and indoors as possible.

#2  –  Colorado:

Masks are required when working in critical businesses and reopening businesses in which workers interact in close proximity with other employees or the public.

  • When out in public especially when social distancing cannot be maintained effectively.
  • When employees are working
  • Gloves are also required if in close contact with customers such as banks,

Child care facilities, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

#3 –   California:

There is a statewide mandate requiring the use of face coverings when in public or Common spaces.   You must wear a face covering if you cannot maintain a 6 foot distance from other people.  So masks are mandated as workers come and go in the building and are in less than six feet of each other.  Masks can be removed if there is adequate spacing between workstations.

  • Employers should create 6 foot spacing between employees where possible by modifying or adjusting seats, furniture and workstations.    Dividers are recommended when 6 foot spacing is not possible.
  • Employees are also required to wash hands frequently and effectively when they arrive at work, leave their workstations for breaks, use the bathroom, before or after they eat or drink or using any tobacco products or after touching any surfaces suspected of being contaminated.
  • Employers are asked to increase the percentage of outdoor air for improved ventilation. The suggestion is to increase total air flow supply to occupied spaces.
  • Stanislaus County requires face coverings indoors when social distancing of six feet is not possible.
  • Employers are encouraged to stagger breaks and lunches to minimize  occupancy in break rooms.

#4   –  Illinois 

In Illinois, masks are mandated indoors and out when people are unable to safely 

Distance from each other (6 feet).   This includes businesses and residents.  Some examples are:

  • Interacting with customers, clients and co-workers at essential businesses
  • Shopping and essential businesses like grocery stores
  • Picking up food from a drive-thru or curbside
  • Visiting a health care provider 
  • Traveling on public transportation
  • Performing essential services for state and local government agencies, especially where close interaction with other people is unavoidable, like laboratory testing.

#5 – Nevada

The Governor has called for a mandate for masks to be worn by everyone in all public spaces.  Nevada has also experienced a steady rise in Corona cases over the last 3 weeks, which triggered the need for a mandate.  Clearly caution is greatly exercised in a state where public exposure is so extreme.

As most offices continue to observe social distancing and remote working, Nevada Health Response has also issued guidance for those office workers returning to the workplace. 

  •  Face coverings are required for all employees, except for those “working alone  in an enclosed work space” 
  • Social distancing is required as in the other states.

#6  –  Texas:

  • All the major cities, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio,  Austin, Fort Worth have mandated face coverings.  Mayors of nine cities sent a letter to the Governor asking permission to enforce mask orders.  Especially when people are less than 6 feet apart from each other.
  • Employees must maintain at least six feet separation from other individuals. If such distancing is not feasible, other measure such as face covering, hand washing and cough etiquette should be rigorously practiced.
  • Stagger break times to minimize close contact.
  • Provide dividers between employees if six feet of separation is not available.

#7  –  Washington State:

There is a statewide mandate to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces such as stores, offices and restaurants.  Additionally, outside if people cannot stay 6 feet apart from each other.

A mask is not required if you are working alone in an office, or the job has no in-person interaction.  This applies to employees working in separate rooms.

  • Employers must ensure all employees keep at least six feet away from coworkers and the public, when feasible.
  • Employers must provide a safe and healthy workplace.  The suggested idea is moving workstations further apart.
  • Also suggested is reducing the number of workstations in use at a given time.
  • Staggering work schedules so workers don’t crowd the number of people entering the office or building.
  • Employers must ensure social distancing for employees and customers and control customer flow
  • Frequent and adequate employee hand washing 
  • Employers must ensure all employees keep at least six feet away from coworkers and the public, when feasible.
  •  Other prevention measures are required such as use of barriers to block    sneezes and coughs, and ventilation improvements when social distancing is not feasible.
  • Sick employees must stay home
  • Employers must provide basic workplace hazard education about coronavirus and how to prevent transmission in languages best understood by employees
  •  It is against the law for any employer to take adverse action such as firing or    threats against a worker exercising health and safety rights

As an employer,  common sense goes a long way along with these mandates.  We know your employees’ health and well being is your top priority.  We will continue to bring updates and clarification on new regulations to your attention to support you in these constantly changing times.

If you are short staffed and need a quality, temporary employee, we’ve got you covered.  Just contact the office nearest you and we will get the process started!

Be Well and Successful!

July 4th Celebration – Letter From Our President, Rebecca Kirkman

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see our Patriotic office photoshoot

As we head toward this special holiday, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on this amazing country we are blessed to call home.  We live openly each day, making a million choices; where to take a walk, exercise, get coffee, which route to drive, where our kids go to school or play and with whom.  What we want to do with our lives, what type of work makes us happy, and where we find accomplishment in the things that we do.  Those who are entrepreneur minded get to choose what type of business we want to start, how to create it, and choose the steps to make it happen.  Knowing whatever direction you take may be hard but the ability to make those choices will never be taken away.  

Our nation was born from this principle.  As people, we enjoy our lives for all the freedom we experience daily.  As business owners and managers, we thrive in an environment that supports our businesses to grow and be successful, even in these challenging times.

I stop myself in solely looking at the business obstacles, to just take a moment to acknowledge the quality of our American lives.  My gratitude deepens daily, especially now, for our growing family of customers and candidates, and our ability to provide opportunities for both in this great nation.  We continue hiring new employees and helping businesses succeed, even in the current climate where people may think that this is impossible. The American Dream is still alive today as it ever has been before and nothing has actually held us back. It’s truly amazing!

Many other businesses are supplying more jobs for people every day and that’s reassuring to remember.  This is tremendous and possible because we are America.  We know how to unite as one to create and maintain greatness in this country, even if it seems like there’s barriers along the way… We find a way to break through and we have, and will continue to remember that as we celebrate our glorious Independence Day this weekend.

Join me in a few minutes of gratitude… for all of the past that is represented in our today… being thankful for all those who have fought for our freedom… for those who have made this country great… and as a hallmark moment knowing the brightness our future still holds strong.

God Bless America! Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!

Rebecca Kirkman,

Company President

Servicing all of our great nation with Hire Up Staffing, Hire Up Healthcare and Kirkman Beck Executive Services. 

Grand Master of California (aka Regional Vice President)

Meet Lauren Milam, Regional Vice President for Hire Up Staffing Services. Lauren started in the staffing industry 7 years ago as a Recruiter. Finding success in her role quickly, she promoted through the ranks to outside sales, training and development, and then Regional Vice President. She joined Hire Up in November of 2019 as our first Regional Vice President hire for the California Market. Since starting at Hire Up, she has created and implemented new sales campaigns and initiatives to help the company grow. In her first quarter with Hire Up, she helped the recruiters increase their individual gross profit by an average of 28%. She does this by creating plans that focus on the individual needs of each office and person.

On her free time, you will find Lauren spending time with her son. He keeps her quite busy but when she is not with him Lauren enjoys; cooking, playing piano and binge watching Suits, or any drama series that is focused around law or crime. She is obsessed with dogs and wine tasting; with her million dollar idea to connect a winery to an animal shelter so she can sip vino and pet puppies! 

Lauren comes with a successful track record of growing regions, opening new offices, and hitting any profit goals and milestones given to her. She was named part of the class of 2019 for 40 under 40 Business Professionals in Fresno County, and is also a finalist for the Women in Sales Awards – North America, Best Sales Director. Her current goal is to ensure every client and candidate receives excellence service through every step of the Hire Up Staffing process. We are excited to watch Lauren continue to surpass her goals and take on new challenges!

Career Match Maker (aka Recruiter – Visalia)

 “Stay positive, work hard and make it happen.”  – Unknown

Meet Alexis Vegas, Recruiter for the Visalia branch of Hire Up Staffing Services. Alexis joined the Hire Up family in 2019 after focusing on her degrees. She is originally from Texas but was stationed in the Central Valley through the United States Navy. She studied business, management, and human resources for six years and excels in communication. Alexis also has seven years of customer service with an aptitude for relationship management. She has a passion for helping others succeed and surpass their goals.

Alexis is a bit of a shopaholic, or a recruiter with shopaholic like tendencies if that makes it any better. Her TV addiction is currently The Office (Season 3 when Pam runs across the coals, talk about women empowerment). In her free time she travels with her husband and their two dogs. Alexis and her little family truly enjoy being outdoors and are always on the hunt for the next best spot! Alexis can often be found at Lake Tahoe, but has been itching to visit Seattle or cross Greece off her bucket-list. She is always up for a good tasting, preferably wine and cheese.

Alexis truly believes that through perseverance, consistency, and dedication, anything is possible. Do not let her bright and bubbly personality fool you, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Head of First Impressions (aka Recruiting Coordinator for Hire Up Healthcare)

“Today is a new day, a fresh start, if you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t get far” – Unknown

Meet Kyndra Licon, Recruiting Coordinator for Hire Up Healthcare. Kyndra initially joined the Hire Up team in July of 2019 as the Recruiting Coordinator of the Visalia branch. In February 2020, Kyndra transitioned to the Hire Up Healhcare division. She provides primary assistance to the Division Director, but works alongside her team daily. She strives to exceed service expectations, and assist candidates along their career search.

On Saturday you will find Kyndra watching local racing, like many small-town Tulare folks. She often spends her Sundays at her oldest sisters goat farm (Yes, I said goat farm). Kyndra is a strong goat farm supporter, she insist that bottle feeding a baby goat is a must have experience! She also enjoys catching as many of her nieces and nephews sporting events as she can. The past year has been very exciting for Kyndra and her family. She married her best-friend and they are now expecting their first child!

Kyndra has shown determination, eagerness, persistence and an over all strong work ethic that has lead to her growth within Hire Up Staffing Services. We are excited to watch Kyndra as she continues to put her best foot forward daily. If you looking to start your career journey in the Healthcare industryt, give Kyndra a call! She will help point you in the right direction and provide outstanding assistance!

Career Alchemist (aka Recruiter – Modesto)

Meet Crystal Diaz, Recruiter for the Modesto office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Crystal assisted in the development of Hire Ups Modesto branch in 2019. She specializes in hard-to-fill positions in several industries including Medical, General Office and her main specialty, Industrial. Crystal thrives on finding specific talent for a wide variety of industries and functions. Prior to becoming a Recruiting Manager at Hire Up Staffing Services, Crystal was an in-house recruiter for a privately-owned staffing agency in the Bay Area. She acted as their primary staffing consultant providing comprehensive talent acquisition solutions to their wide professional customer base. Crystal found a passion for recruiting and career coaching since starting in the staffing industry.

When she is not recruiting, Crystal enjoys playing Volleyball and spending time with her family. Family is upmost important to Crystal, whether they are just spending time binge watching a Novela or hosting a BBQ that is where she will be! When football season comes around, you will find Crystal cheering on her Raiders! She is completely obsessed with her fur baby, the cutest Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix named Markaveli. Many do not know that Crystal enjoys writing poetry and short-novels.

Crystal is excited to continue developing new partnerships in Stanislaus and Merced County. She is determined to attract and retain the best talent on the market in order to assist in our clients success!

Career Path Digger (aka Recruiter – Fresno)


Meet Sawyer Celentano, Recruiter for the Fresno office of Hire Up Staffing Services. When Sawyer joined the Hire Up family in May of 2019 she was determined to meet her goal of helping others find the perfect job match that they would truly enjoy. With prior experience in outreach sales and a degree in Communications, she excels in great customer service, strong sales skills, sharp speaking skills, and a continuous drive. She works daily to help her candidates find their next career opportunity, and her clients to find their ideal employee; ranging from front office coordinators to controllers and anything in between!

Sawyer prefers to stick to a strict schedule, so if it is Monday night don’t bother her, she is watching the bachelor. Tuesday through Friday she is free to try new athletic classes; from Pilates to yoga, Sawyer is always on the hunt for a good workout. She also loves to travel as often as life allows. A couple of her favorite places she has been able to see yet include Edinburgh, Scotland and London. She is ecstatic for her planned trip to Dublin, Ireland next year!

Sawyer was born and raised here in the Central Valley. With her transition from a small town to a city, she has various understanding of what companies in the Valley are looking for. She enjoys connecting with her clients as often as she can but holds a true passion for the candidate side of recruiting. She is excited to be apart of her candidates career search, excited to see them excited!

Head of Opportunities (aka Recruiter – Bakersfield)

Meet Heidi Sanchez, Recruiter for the Bakersfield office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Heidi started her journey with Hire Up in April of 2019, where she assisted in establishing the branch. She is motivated to increase the partnerships that Hire Up holds with the Kern County area. She shows strength in supporting her Clients with full life-cycle recruiting, developing sourcing strategies, writing job descriptions, screening candidates, and working closely with each client to achieve their recruiting and talent goal!

Heidi was born and raised in the Central Valley, where she is now dedicated in achieving results and takes pride in exceeding professional and personal goals to make sure everyday counts! When she is not making dream careers happen she is watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette. She also enjoys redecorating her home, gardening, and refinishing all types of furniture. She will often be found spending quality time with her husband but always finds time for her obsession, Makeup. Heidi is one of Hire Up Staffing’s strongest recruiters, but also a Makeup Queen

Holding over 7+ years in the service industry, Heidi’s goal is to drive our business forward by finding her clients the best and brightest talent to join their team! With a strong love for both Kern County and the Central Valley, we are excited to watch Heidi continue to make an impact on the workforce.