Queen of Light Bulb Moments (aka Marketing Manager)

Meet Carly Williams, Marketing Manager for Hire Up Staffing Services. She holds 15 years of Marketing experiencing, specializing in Advertising and Branding. She is highly passionate about her work, regardless of how big or small the project may be. She gets excited about being able to help a brand visually come to life or improve a company’s outreach. Carly is obsessed with organizing every detail of her projects. Her family and friends would say she has a touch of OCD when it comes to organization, but Carly just embraces it!

On her free time Carly loves relaxing with her husband, enjoying great wine and planning their next adventure. She enjoys hosting and entertaining family and friends at her home. BBQ’s, Pool Parties and their big annual Super Bowl party are some of her favorite memories. Carly and her husband love to travel together, anywhere and everywhere! Beaches, mountains, Vegas they love it all but Hawaii holds a special place in their hearts as this is where they got married.

We are excited to have Carly on board with Hire Up! She brings a bright energy into office each day as she works to create fun, engaging, interactive content for our audience, candidates and clients!

Happiness Hero (aka Recruiter – Visalia)

“Be humble enough to suck for as long as it takes to get better” – Rachel Hollis

Meet Ashley Nunes, Recruiter for the Visalia office of Hire Up Staffing Services. She joined Hire Up in September of 2020 with prior staffing experience. She has shown dedication and focus when it comes to assisting her Candidates and Clients. Ashley takes pride in her strong attention for detail and her ability to relate to various tyles of personalities and backgrounds. She has built strong Client relationships over the years by using her outstanding customer service skills, which she believes will help drive her success her at Hire Up Staffing!

Outside of work Ashley spends time with her family, mostly watching football and taking trips to the beach. Ashley also loves to travel the coast of Oregon to visit her brother, where she has completely fallen in love with the local scenery. She enjoys a lazy night in watching movies or binge watching her favorite Netflix show! Ashley is also super crafty, and likes to break out her circuit board and let her imagination run free.

Ashley is on a mission as she strives to ensure each and every one of her Candidates and Clients walk away with a unique and positive experience, while getting the job done!

Career Manifestor (aka Recruiter – Bakersfield)

Meet Isabel Corral, Recruiter for the Bakersfield office of Hire Up Staffing Services. She joined the Hire Up team in September of 2020 with a passion for staffing. She enjoys helping her candidates find their dream job while she helps her clients find the perfect fit for their team. Isabel was born and raised in the Central Valley so she is very excited to be able to help the same community she grew up in! She is fluent in both English and Spanish which she believes helps her reach a wider variety of candidates.

Isabel enjoys spending her weekends outdoors or taking road trips with her sons. They try to travel to Lake Chelan, Washington at least twice a year! Once in the winter to spend time in the beautiful white snow and once in the summer to enjoy the beauty of the lake! Isabel also enjoys a good shopping trip, from thrift stores to shopping malls.

Isabel is dedicated to achieving results and takes pride in being exceedingly professional. We are excited to watch her take over the Job market with her sharp skills and ambitious drive!

Customer Service Sensei (aka Recruiting Coordinator – Modesto)

Meet Michelle Gregory, Recruiting Coordinator for the Modesto office of Hire Up Staffing Services. She strives for overall functionality and organization. Her primary goal is to fully support to her recruiting team while providing quality customer service to our Clients and Candidates. She helps candidates along their career journey from start to finish, from assisting with their application to lending a helping hand on time cards.

When Michelle is not at work, she liked to unwinds with her family and friends. On weekends you will find her watching her son race or out with her daughter showing goats! Michelle is always eager to sneak away for a camping trip so she can get in some nice quite fishing time. She loves the mountains but the coast is where her heart is, for Michelle there is nothing quite like an ocean view.

Michelle is excited to be in a position where she is able to help people. She truly believes that she can make a positive impact on a persons day by going above and beyond in her customer service.

The Workflow Guru (aka Recruiting Coordinator – Texas)

Meet Emily Hebert, she is a Recruiting Coordinator based out of our Houston office but coordinates for all four of our Texas locations! She strives to ensure that all Clients and Candidates are receiving top notch Customer Service during their career search. Emily is always happy to assist candidates with their application, paperwork and even their timecards. Not only does Emily work directly with candidates and clients but she also provides full support to her recruiting team! She does her best each day to take additional duties off of her recruiters, so they are able to provide their full efforts and attention to their candidates and clients.

On the weekends Emily likes to unwind with her fur baby, a Border Terrier named Holly. She also enjoys spending her free time relaxing with friends and family. Each year she makes the trip from Texas to Georgia to visit her family, she has grown to love Georgia over the years and is always excited for the visit! Emily is a free spirit, she does not care what the occasion is, she will be there regardless as she loves making good memories with great people!

Emily comes into office excited each day, as she knows each day is something new in the life of Staffing. She finds it reward to be able to assist people along their career search, and there is nothing better than being able to witness a candidates excitement upon a job offer!

Head of all things Awesome (aka Regional Director -Northern CA)


Meet Alisa Torlai, Hire Up Staffing Services’ Regional Director of Northern California. She joined the Hire Up team in August of 2020. She has  been in the Staffing Industry for nearly 22 years! Alisa is a sales professional who is driven and has a track record of  delivering results. She is a big believer of continual growth, strong work ethic and enjoying what you do. She builds strong relationships with her clients and teams and considers them family. She is always available and ready to give staffing solutions when needed. 

On her down time Alisa enjoys spending time with her family and her granddaughter. She loves to travel, her favorite place to visit is Italy but she is honestly happy with any beach destination, even if it is just for a day trip. If she is able to plan a weekend getaway, you can find her in Vegas! While traveling Alisa always tries to sneak in a good shopping trip or a little gambling for fun!

Alisa is very excited to be here at Hire Up and is looking forward to the success to come. We are excited to watch her apply her years of Staffing experience and strong-driven work ethic to the Norther California area.

Founding Father of Careers (aka Recruiter – San Diego)

“Run, Forrest, run!” – Jenny

Meet Taylor Lucero, Recruiter for the San Diego office of Hire Up Staffing Services. He finds himself highly passionate about connecting with people. He works to understand each individuals career goals and strives to connect them with the ideal employer. As a driver of high expectations and results, He strives daily to build lasting relationships and provide the best experience throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

On his down time Taylor tries to enjoy as many long walks on the beach as he can. You can also find him knitting or playing chest, regardless his German Shepherd is always near by.

Taylor takes pride in being able to promote the core goals of an organization to build successful teams and meaningful partnerships. He is excited to continue engaging qualified individuals in stable careers and helping companies and executives find irreplaceable candidates of all backgrounds.

Occupation Enthusiast (aka Recruiter – San Diego)

“The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win” – Kobe Bryant

Meet Scott Showalter, Recruiter for the San Diego office of Hire Up Staffing Services. He joined Hire Up in August of 2020 with a strong background in the staffing industry. Previously Scott focused on recruiting for Accounting and Finance and IT roles. He obtained his Bachelors Degree in Accounting at Greensboro College while playing varsity lacrosse. Upon completing his degree, Scott spent a short time as a Staff Accountant before deciding he wanted to help others by assisting in their dream career search, and he hasn’t turned back since!

Outside of work Scott tries to enjoy the outdoors as much as he can. He tries his best to workout and get in a run everyday. Often you will find find him Surfing, Golfing, Playing lacrosse or Soccer! Scott enjoys trips up and down the California coast, and often takes beach trips with his friends and family! If he is not enjoying the coast of California, then he tries to make his way back home to Ocean City, Maryland to visit his parents.

Scott has enjoyed every second in staffing and is excited to see what the future holds for him, and his candidates! We are very excited to have Scott on the Hire Up team to help extend our services to the San Diego area.

Career Composer (aka Recruiter – Fort Worth)

“I can accept failure; everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
-Michael Jordan

Meet Martin Medina, Recruiter for the Fort Worth office of Hire Up Staffing Services! He comes from a diverse background in various customer service positions. Martin was introduced to the recruiting industry through specialty recruiting for Information Technology Consultants. Here at Hire Up he focuses on attracting and retaining top quality talent within recruiting, sales/marketing and account management.

On his days off you can find Martin hanging out with his Fiancé and their daughter, they often enjoy their family barbeques. He tries to travel to Mexico as often as he can to see his father and grandparents. Martin is a huge film buff, he will draw you into his conversations analyzing movies and tv shows! He is slightly OCD so if his house is not clean and organized than he cannot watch TV peacefully.

Martin prides himself on his client relations as he works closely with each client to identify their individual goals, team environment and skill interests. Going above an beyond with clients helps Martin to ensure that our candidates not only meet, but exceed their expectations. If you are searching for a new career or looking to build your own dream team, Martin is the guy to call!

Geek Squad Agent (aka Human Resources Coordinator)

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” – Marilyn Monroe

Meet Natallie Driver, Human Resources Coordinator for Hire Up Staffing Services. She joined the Corporate office in Fresno in August of 2020. She is a highly results driven and customer focused individual. Her ability to think outside of the box and take the decisive actions are traits that have made Natallie a great asset to our team! She has a strong staffing and HR background, and takes pride in the relationships that she has built with clients and associates over the past 9 years.

She enjoys spending her weekends at Backyard Barbecues, Wine tasting or playing Volleyball. You can also find Natallie Refurbishing furniture and cooking (she is considered the Betty Crocker of her family). She has a passion for music! You can find her singing and dancing to a variety of music.

Natallie enjoys the fulfillment of establishing and maintaining great business relationships among clients, internal employees, and candidates. She has accomplished great things, and she is determined to continue down the path of success!