We’re spreading the word — Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to Fresno!

HGTV’s Extreme Makeover (Home Edition) is coming next week to Fresno/Clovis and we’re helping spread the word!

The producers of the popular, national television show have contacted Hire Up Staffing Services to get the word out about the need for volunteers to help build a beautiful home for a local family in our community who needs the special help. This year one family will get the home of their dreams after facing such tragedy and major life set-backs. From our little town of Fresno, California the show heard about the story of this family and have chosen to feature them over the next few weeks to win a free home, completely donated (primarily by De Young Homes) and built by volunteers (like YOU!).

Volunteering gives you not only a chance to be on the show, but to make a major difference in our town for someone in need. Once the house is built, you can be there at the unveiling of this home to the family who’s lives will be forever changed. We don’t know who the family is and the family won’t be announced until the day of the “revealing”, so you have an opportunity to share in this special moment for someone who you may already know or be connected to somehow! We’ve opened up the volunteer list to our entire staff at Hire Up and everyone is excited to help.

Would you like to volunteer with us?? Click on this link and sign up for what you’re capable of doing and the time that you can commit. Please also see below when signing up: If you Comment- “Referral from Hire Up Staffing Services” you’ll win a special gift from Hire Up for your participation in the event.   

Meet Our Visalia EOTM for July!

Eren is a rockstar and we are so proud to have her represent Hire Up Staffing! Congrats on being our July Employee of the Month!!

Leah Perez, Hire Up Branch Manager

This month we searched high and low to find the best of the best — employees who work the hardest, who love what they do so much it shows, and who shine the brightest in their position. We found Eren and she does an amazing job! Congratulations on being Hire Up Staffing’s July Employee of the Month for the entire Visalia area.


Introducing Modesto EOTM for July!

Jennifer is great employee she is eager to learn and takes feedback in a positive way. She learns from her mistakes and improves to be better at her job. She is on time at work and ready to begin her day with a smile

Carolina, Supervisor

Today we want to take a moment to recognize our July Employee of the Month for the entire Modesto area! Congratulations Jennifer. She is placed as a Patient Services Representative and has proven to be an excellent employee. We are proud to have someone like Jennifer as part of our extended Hire Up team! Keep up all the wonderful work.

Are you part of the Hire Up team out on a job? If so you have the chance to be selected for this wonderful award too. Work hard and do your best and you could be the next Employee of the month!

Looking for a job? Search open positions now! Just CLICK HERE

Are you a client looking for your future employee of the month? We’ve got a great candidate pool and are ready to help you build your dream team. CLICK HERE to set up a Free Hiring Strategy call now!

Congrats Christina – Our July Fresno EOTM

We are grateful to have an employee like Christina represent Hire Up Staffing! Thank you for all your hard work.

-Rhonda, Recruiting Manager

We are excited to announce our newest EOTM for the entire Fresno area, Christina!! She works for one of our top clients in an Accounts Payable role! Our Recruiting Manager Gina presented her with this wonderful award on Friday and on Monday we got news that she had been offered a permanent role! We are so happy for her and excited that we matched yet another amazing employee to a client position. Keep up all the great work you are doing Christina.

Are you part of the Hire Up team out on a job? If so you have the chance to be selected for this wonderful award too. Work hard and do your best and you could be the next EOTM!

Looking for a job? Search open positions now! Just CLICK HERE

Are you a client looking for your future employee of the month? We’ve got a great candidate pool and are ready to help you build your dream team. CLICK HERE to set up a Free Hiring Strategy call now!

Introducing our June Fresno EOTM!

We are so thankful for Lori. She is such an amazing asset to our team. We appreciate her positive attitude and willingness to dig in to find solutions, help customers and lead the Customer Care team. Thank you Lori for all your hard work and dedication!


We are excited to announce that our Fresno Branch, June 2019 Employee of the Month has been selected!

Lori S. is placed as a Customer Service Supervisor here in Fresno. She has done an exceptional job in her placement and we want to thank her for all her hard work. We appreciate all that you’ve done in your position Lori!

We LOVE to celebrate our EOTM’s! Lori was gifted a gift card, a mini potted fairy cactus, some delicious gourmet chocolates, and of course our Employee of the Month award certificate.

Here is our EOTM Q&A!

Q: How long have you worked with Hire Up Staffing?  

A: I’ve been working with Hire Up Staffing for approximately 3 months now.

Q: Tell us something good about Hire Up.  

A: Hire Up Staffing is awesome to work with and extremely responsive to both the candidate and employer’s needs.  Any time I have a question, there’s always someone available to assist me. 

Q: Tell us a little about your placement.  

A: My very first interview was all it took to land my current assignment—a temp to hire position with a national company.  Kellie made the interview process as painless as possible and communicated to the employer on my behalf to ensure we were both a good fit for one another.  I’ve been with this company for 2 months now.

Q: Tell us why you love your job.  

A: Where do I begin?  

1.      I love that my new job is 5 minutes from my home

2.      I’m working with great people (& have 2 great bosses)

3.       I’m learning a new business & I learn something new every day

4.      No two days are ever the same so I’ll never get bored

5.      I never have to work weekends or OT so I have more time to spend with my family

Q: Telle us a little fun blurb about you (personal or career wise). 

A: I broke my leg just before I was scheduled to go in for my interview.  Hire Up Staffing encouraged me to still going in for the interview and since I didn’t want to miss out on a good opportunity, I drove to the interview with my leg in a cast and met with my new employer.  I knew I had made the right decision to join this team when I was greeted with empathy, compassion and a friendly smile.      

If you are an employee with Hire Up Staffing, EOTM is within your reach too! Just stay focused, enjoy what you do, work hard, and shine bright. Maybe you’ll become Hire Up’s next EOTM!

Happy June — Happy Visalia EOTM

Introducing our June Employee of the Month Ernie! This is a true success story that we are excited to put down in the Hire Up books! Ernie has worked with us for about a year now and he’s done a WONDERFUL JOB! We are so thankful to have such a great employee working for us and our clients. Through working with Hire Up Staffing, he’s explored a career change and is excelling in that position.

GOD BLESS! Thank you Hire Up for all you do. I am very fortunate to be employee of the month. I’m sure there are plenty of eligible candidates to choose from and I am excited to be selected!

Ernie V

Read all about EOTM Ernie’s Q&A

Q: How long have you worked with Hire Up Staffing?

A: I’ve been actively with hire up a little over a year.

Q: Tell us something good about Hire Up.

A: Hire up staff have always been professional, friendly and very encouraging. 

Q: Tell us a little about your placement.

A: I was placed in an HR role, which my background only consists of. While in HR I was provided an opportunity to venture out in a completely different career path and for the last 60 days I’ve been there and completely happy! 

Q: Tell us why you love your job.

A: I am fortunate. I was given an opportunity for a position completely out of my career range and I’ve grown into the position. 

Q: Tell us a little fun blurb about you (personal or career wise).

A little fun blurb personal…I’m a decent drummer! I am self-taught and learned through church.

My next goal is to drive an oversize vehicle such as a tractor or cotton picker!!! I love AG!!!

Career wise blurb…I’ve had an HR background my whole career life and I just ventured into new waters, currently working on getting a crane license, recently certified as a forklift driver, and just these past few days I’ve been learning how to weld!

Congrats to our May EOTM of Bakersfield!

She has done an amazing job and we are proud to have her as part of our extended team.

Hire Up Manager

Like the seasons change so do our Employees of the Month! Every month out of each year we recognize one candidate from each Hire Up location. Out of ALL our employees placed in the Bakersfield area, we chose to recognize Danielle who is a Front Office Assistant for one of our top clients. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is in her placement and all of us at Hire Up are are proud to have her represent our company.

Becoming Employee of the Month is a high honor at Hire Up Staffing, but is definitely achievable. Here are some tips to help you or your employee work towards being recognized at EOTM:

  1. Always be on time for work and have great attendance.
  2. Help others at work and be a team player.
  3. Get your job done and do it well.
  4. Be a problem solver and be proactive in your position.
  5. Always have a positive attitude.
  6. Be a leader and take initiative!
  7. Be organized and get things done in a timely manor.
  8. Be your best, do your best, and always think outside the box!

Following these simple steps will help you reach your highest heights in your career! We believe in you!

Introducing Our Visalia Employee of the Month

We are so lucky to have Janis on the team! We appreciate all that she does.

-Janis’ Supervisor

We at Hire Up Staffing love searching high and low for team members to reward as Employee of the Month. This month we found one wonderful employee who exceeded expectations and worked really hard in her placement. Visalia is lucky to have you and so are we! Congratulations Janis! Keep up the great work!!!

Congratulations To Our Fresno EOTM For May

She’s does a wonderful job and we are excited to have her on board!

-Desiree’s Supervisor

In Fresno the area alone we have an abundance of employees working at hundreds of different locations. Out of ALL of them, Desiree showed us that she deserved our highest honor, Employee of the Month! In her placement she has been a team player and has gone above and beyond. Today we would like to award her as Fresno’s May Employee of the Month! Keep up the amazing work.

Follow Hire Up’s 12 Days of Giving

For those of you who are new to the 12 Days of Giving here are some details:

We start the campaign on #givingtuesday, November 27th and it lasts until December 14th, 2018. We select 12 different companies who are doing kind things for others in the community and help their cause by offering a generous boost through donation and promotion!

We get tons of submissions each year and do our best to select the ones who have the biggest goals to reach & support amazing local and non-local charities. Each submission will be reviewed in the order that it is received, so it helps to get yours in before all the others!

Once we select our featured businesses/causes, we will send out our Hire Up elves to your location with a donation and begin promoting your cause on all of our channels — including our website, social media channels, and paid ads! Our network is massive and the paid reach will extend beyond that, all in efforts of helping get the word out about your cause!

In addition, this year we’ve teamed up with the movement #GivingTuesday and will be working to get our 12 Days campaign highlighted on their networks as well! You help, we help, and together we make a greater impact on the lives of those in need. To watch a video and learn more about the worldwide movement, #GivingTuesday scroll to the bottom of this page!