Occupation Enthusiast (aka Recruiter – San Diego)

Meet Scott Showalter, Recruiter for the San Diego office of Hire Up Staffing Services. He joined Hire Up in August of 2020 with a strong background in the staffing industry. Previously Scott focused on recruiting for Accounting and Finance and IT roles. He obtained his Bachelors Degree in Accounting at Greensboro College while playing varsity lacrosse. Upon completing his degree, Scott spent a short time as a Staff Accountant before deciding he wanted to help others by assisting in their dream career search, and he hasn’t turned back since!

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Career Composer (aka Recruiter – Fort Worth)

Meet Martin Medina, Recruiter for the Fort Worth office of Hire Up Staffing Services! He comes from a diverse background in various customer service positions. Martin was introduced to the recruiting industry through specialty recruiting for Information Technology Technicians. Here at Hire Up he focuses on attracting and retaining top quality talent within recruiting, sales/marketing and account management.

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Geek Squad Agent (aka Human Resources Coordinator)

Meet Natallie Driver, Human Resources Coordinator for Hire Up Staffing Services. She joined the Corporate office in Fresno in August of 2020. She is a highly results driven and customer focused individual. Her ability to think outside of the box and take the decisive actions are traits that have made Natallie a great asset to our team!

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Career Couturier (aka Recruiter – Fort Worth)

Meet Emily McCormick, Recruiter for the Fort Worth office of Hire Up staffing Services. She studied Communication Studies and Marketing at the University of North Texas before going on to internal recruiting and fundraising for a local nonprofit. Having worked 3 years in internal recruitment, Emily understand the strenuous process hiring managers go through to find that right culture fit. She loves carrying the load of finding that missing puzzle piece for her clients!

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Career Pathfinder (aka Recruiter – Dallas)

Meet Derek Elias, Recruiter for the Dallas office of Hire Up Staffing Services. He is a High-Performance Talent Acquisition Recruiter who prides himself on helping others succeed. He believes you can have everything in life you want if you are willing to help others do the same. Derek is a consultative solution-oriented, Head Hunter/Recruiter. He enjoys making a difference in someone’s life by helping them transform into their new career, and will ultimately impact their lives and family in abundance.

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Nineteen years ago today 2,996 people lost their lives in a terrorist attack. Hundreds of firefighters made a strenuous march up the towers’ stairwells. Hundreds of Law enforcement men and women, scurried to get their people to safety. It did not stop there, strangers helped each other off of the streets and comforted one another. As we reflect on this harrowing moment in United States history, we keep those who lost their lives and those who fought to save our civilians in our hearts.

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Career Commander (aka Territory Director – Modesto)

Meet Nikki Summers, Territory Director for the Modesto office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Nikki is an experienced Business Development Manager/Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the Building Materials, Lease Talent and Logistics industries. Highly skilled in Negotiations, Budgeting, Operations Management, Sales Management and Project Management growth.

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Director of Careers (aka Recruiter – Modesto)

Meet Shelby Miller, Recruiter for the Modesto office of Hire Up Staffing Services. She joined the Hire Up team in July of 2020 to help build and expand the Hire Up Modesto Office and Central Valley. With over 10 years of experience in sales and customer service, Shelby focuses on ensuring our clients and candidates have a smooth, easy and effective staffing experience.

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Career Sorcerer (aka Recruiter – Visalia)

Meet Jennifer Whitworth, Recruiter for the Visalia office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Jennifer was introduced to the Staffing industry four years ago while working for a prestigious staffing agency in San Luis Obispo County. She became a very successful Senior Staffing Manager and earned a certification as a Certified Staffing Professional through the American Staffing Association. She quickly became a top producer, recruiting, interviewing, and placing high quality candidates with key employers.

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Career Choreographer (aka Recruiter – Visalia)

Meet Bianca Leal, Recruiter for the Visalia office of Hire Up Staffing Services. She holds 17 years of experience when it comes to working with the public. Bianca previously worked in Career Services where she worked on the other side of staffing, placing/preparing students and graduates for the work field along with reaching out to potential employers to obtain employment opportunities for her students.

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