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How Much Can A Bad Hire Cost You?

How much can a bad hire cost you? A survey from EMSI and CareerBuilder has found that it can be as much as $50,000. Have we got your attention yet? Without a thorough recruitment process to screen out the “bad apples,” a bad hire can cost your business more than you know.

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Dress For The Job You Want – Part II

One of the first things that we all learn when entering the work world is to “dress professionally” when going on an interview. Last week in a Hire Up blog post, we discussed the importance of “dressing for success” in relation to women. Now, it is time to talk about MEN!

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Dress For The Job You Want – Part I

One of the first things that we all learn when entering the work world is to “dress professionally” when going on an interview. In an earlier Hire Up blog post we researched exactly how important this is to interviewers and found that IT ONE OF THE TOP THINGS EMPLOYERS LOOK AT when hiring.

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Wild About Babies – A Great Success

On just the first day of the drive, Saint Agnes received almost $1000 in individual donations, $1000 in food and drink fundraiser sales, and over 3,500 DIAPERS!!! The goal is to reach $30,000 dollars and 30,000 diapers, so Hire Up is going to be collecting donations with The Saint Agnes Women’s Club at Walmart on Herndon and Ingram on May 9th! Join us!!

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Hire Up is Growing!!!

Meet the new additions to our TEAM!! [styled_image w=”300″ h=”199″ lightbox=”no” link=”” align=”left” image=””] Chantelle Lamoreaux Creative Des…

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Spreading The Fortune

This is how we spread the fortune last year! Help us change more people’s LUCK in 2013 Click Here to Download and View Full Size Our Way of Spreading the Fortune to YOU Click Here to Download This Coupon or To View Full Size    

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A Balanced Diet Can Improve Your Work

Are you able to remember how you felt after eating Thanksgiving Dinner? Did you feel Lethargic, tired, and unmotivated? These are all common symptoms from eating a large meal or one that consists of lots of sugary, fatty, and processed foods. On a smaller scale, an unhealthy breakfast or lunch at work can make you feel the same way, in turn affecting your work performance.

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Make Your Employer Love You!

Did you recently obtain a great job that you want to make sure you keep? Have you been at your current job for a while and want to enjoy it more? Whatever your current employment situation is, we have come up with six helpful tips that will Make Your Employer Love You and help you to love your job more!

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Wild About Babies Diaper Drive

Saint Agnes Diaper Drive Kick Off Party

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The Perfect Interview

Looking for a job may seem simple, but when it comes to the interview, many applicants find this process to be a challenge. Most commonly, interviewees are nervous or unprepared which leads to the uncomfortable interview scenario. This involves shaking hands, a crack ing voice, and the ever familiar uncomfortable silences after each interview question. At Hire Up Staffing, we are dedicated to helping our employees become more prepared for the interview process. We want you to avoid the uncomfortable interview and be confident in presenting who you are and what you stand for. The following tips will help you prepare and create The Perfect Interview to score your ideal job!

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Make sure your employees know their rights through COVID-19

Download this free poster to hand in the workplace, provided by the United States department of Labor! It covers all the new laws regarding paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave under the families first coronavirus response act.

Employee Rights Inline