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The Supplies for Success Luncheon & Back to School Supply Drive is Near!

It is that time of year again! The Supplies for Success Luncheon & Back to School Drive is near, and you are invited. Wednesday August 14th from 12-1:30pm! Don’t forget, seats are limited so make sure to RSVP today. Call us at (559) 579-1331 Read more for all the details!

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What's Missing From Your Modern Diet?

Green vegetables are the foods most commonly missing in modern diets. Learning to incorporate dark, leafy greens into the diet is essential to establishing a healthy body and immune system. When you nourish yourself with greens, you may naturally crowd out the foods that make you sick.

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Temp Employment Is Taking Over

Since the recession in 2008, the industry that has added the most jobs in the U.S. is temporary help services. Out of the 5.7 million new jobs added, 15% of all job growth nationally is due to the hiring of temp workers. In larger cities, a much higher percentage of job growth can be credited to the temp sector.

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How Important Is A College Degree? Here Are the Facts.

Have you noticed a difference in the requirements for some job openings these days? Seems like things have changed a lot over the past few years. A High School Diploma or GED is commonly an absolute must, but now an Associates and even a Bachelor’s Degree is becoming desired and even sometimes mandatory for entry level positions. College or higher education & training is starting to look more like a necessity over time.

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The Importance of Organic In Your Diet

Lots of controversy over the benefits (or lack there of) of eating organic foods has arisen lately. The organic guys want you to see their product as a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak landscape of over processed, chemical laden, nutrient deficient produce. The commercial backers state that their product is nutritionally equivalent and costs less to the consumer, therefor providing a great service. I’m here to give my two cents in hopes to make your decision a little easier in this confusing land we call the supermarket.

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Hire Up's First Weigh In Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy Monday to come by our office for a little encouragement, healthy snacks and to weigh in on the progress of their weight loss for the Hire Up Staffing Services Fitness Challenge. Tonight we were raffling off 3 prizes to start off the contest with a BANG. For every pound lost from the last weigh in until today’s progress weigh in, of each of the participants who attended today got a raffle ticket for the drawing. So without further delay the winners are…

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How To Turn A Temp Job Into A Permanent Job

Here are 5 Tips to Make Yourself Essential! So you have yourself a temporary job, congratulations. Now, it turns out you like the company you’re with and you would prefer to stay put. You have the opportunity to turn your temporary job into a long term position, and we’re going to show you how. Here are five ways to make yourself too good to let go.

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Update Your Computer Skills & Get Hired

The world today seems to be entirely reliant on technology. Everyone is using gadgets, programs, and aps to effectively accomplish daily tasks at school, home, and work. Such tools make work faster and easier, but also keep people on their toes trying to staying current on how to operate them. A perfect example of this is technology in the work place. Almost all office jobs require at least basic to intermediate knowledge of the most current version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF Editor, or other text editing software.

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Water – A Quick & Simple Way To Lose Excess Fat For The Fitness Challenge

So you’re about to start your fitness challenge, that’s great news! Life only gets better when you eat right and exercise, so here’s to your health. I’m going to be here along the way, guiding you in the right direction. My number one tip on how to look and feel better and shed excess fat is going to blow you away, you need to drink more water.

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The Wellness Program With Health Coach Nick Deck

My name is Nick Deck and I am a Certified Health Coach. I am excited to be part of The Wellness Program at Hire Up Staffing. I help busy professionals feel the best they ever have with one on one coaching to help optimize their diet and lifestyle. This…

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Make sure your employees know their rights through COVID-19

Download this free poster to hand in the workplace, provided by the United States Department of Labor! It covers all the new laws regarding paid sick leave, expanded family, and medical leave under the families' first coronavirus response act.

Employee Rights Inline