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Invest In Employee Wellness & Save Money!

As employers, we have all been victim to rising health care expenditures. Due to the amount being spent, there is increasing interest in workplace-based health promotion and disease prevention as a means of improving health while lowering costs. As mentioned in the article “Workplace Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings”, a central component of the Healthcare Reform as highlighted by President Obama is DISEASE PREVENTION.

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Unemployed and Loving It

  Unemployed and loving it? I think not! Most of the unemployed population can’t wait to find the right job. The bills need to be paid, and you need something more to do than sit around and watch TV all day right? While it may be nice to collect u…

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Lose Lots of Weight By Walking at Work

You may wonder how you could possibly lose lots of weight just by walking, but thousands of people are doing it every day. Your lunch break might not be long enough to hit the gym or take a class, but everyone has the opportunity to spend 20-30 minutes…

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How To Use Linked In To Find A New Job

So you’ve decided you want to use LinkedIn to find your new job, but how do make that happen? Last week you learned about how people are using the site to expose themselves to potential employers and new opportunities, but now it’s time to figure out exactly what you need to do in order to make the site work for you.

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Using LinkedIn As A Job Search Tool

Why would a prospective employer turn to LinkedIn when they are looking for a new hire? The reason tends to be quite simple, they can look through the site’s profiles looking for what’s referred to as a passive job candidate. Someone who stands out as exactly what they are searching for will often be approached by the company, rather than the job seeker applying for a job with hundreds or thousands of other applicants

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Free Educational Breakfast!

Join us on June 13th, 2013 for yet another Free Educational Breakfast. Learn all about the new updates to the HealthCare Reform!

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Top Candidates On Call!

We are here to assist you in making your next hire a perfect fit. Call Hire Up today to learn more about these excellent candidates! MEDICAL OFFICE MANAGER, STAFF ACCOUNTANT, LEGAL ASSISTANT, EXECUTIVE ADMIN ASSISTANT.

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How Much Can A Bad Hire Cost You?

How much can a bad hire cost you? A survey from EMSI and CareerBuilder has found that it can be as much as $50,000. Have we got your attention yet? Without a thorough recruitment process to screen out the “bad apples,” a bad hire can cost your business more than you know.

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Dress For The Job You Want – Part II

One of the first things that we all learn when entering the work world is to “dress professionally” when going on an interview. Last week in a Hire Up blog post, we discussed the importance of “dressing for success” in relation to women. Now, it is time to talk about MEN!

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Dress For The Job You Want – Part I

One of the first things that we all learn when entering the work world is to “dress professionally” when going on an interview. In an earlier Hire Up blog post we researched exactly how important this is to interviewers and found that IT ONE OF THE TOP THINGS EMPLOYERS LOOK AT when hiring.

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Make sure your employees know their rights through COVID-19

Download this free poster to hand in the workplace, provided by the United States Department of Labor! It covers all the new laws regarding paid sick leave, expanded family, and medical leave under the families' first coronavirus response act.

Employee Rights Inline