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Inflation in the New Year: Higher Expenses and Payroll Costs

Rebecca Kirkman President Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare 4/18/2022 In this new year, it is hard to overlook the changes we are experiencing when it comes to inflation and the growing costs of everyday items. In recent months, states across the count…

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Meet Mauricio – Recruiting Coordinator in the Dallas/Fort Worth Office!

Meet Mauricio, our Recruiting Manager in the Dallas/Fort Worth branch! Mauricio has a few different work areas under his belt. He has previous staffing experience with General Construction knowledge and previous Law enforcement experience. Now working…

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Meet Keith – Our Recruiting Manager in Austin!

Meet Keith, one of our Recruiting Managers in the Austin branch! Before starting at Hire Up Staffing, Keith was a creative director for over 20 years. One of the work-related accomplishments that he is proud of occurred when he was able to teach dance…

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An Employer’s Counteroffer: Too Little, Too Late?

Lauren Milam Regional Vice President – West Coast Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare April 5, 2022 Why You Should Think Twice About Accepting Your Employer’s Counteroffer When Giving Notice It is not unusual, especially in today’s market, for employers…

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Meet William – Our Recruiting Manager in Houston!

Meet William, our Recruiting Manager in the Houston branch! Before starting at Hire Up Staffing, William was a lifeguard, coach, swim instructor, and worked in sales. A work-related accomplishment that William is proud of is being a successful coach an…

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Meet Monica – Our MA Major Accounts Manager!

Meet Monica, the Major Accounts Manager in the Major Accounts branch! Monica was previously the Human Resources Associate at a food, beverage, and spirit manufacturer. She was responsible for all the recruiting, on-boarding, filing, employee concerns,…

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Meet Sonya – Business Development Manager in Bakersfield!

Meet Sonya, the Business Development Manager in the Bakersfield office! Sonya gained experience working in sales in wholesale giftware and home decor and ended up loving it! A work-related accomplishment that she is proud of is always reaching her sale…

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How to Set Yourself Apart in your Job Search

Leah Perez Vice President of Major Accounts Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare 3/3/2022 It is one of the age-old questions, debated for years: How do you set yourself apart from other candidates in your job search? Before we begin, it is important to no…

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5 Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Agency

Lauren Milam Regional Vice President – West Coast Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare February 18, 2022 Many business professionals have experienced the benefits that can come from partnering with a reputable Staffing Agency. In today’s competitive candi…

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Meet Victoria – Our Recruiting Manager in DFW!

Meet Victoria, one of the Recruiting Managers in the Dallas/Fort Worth branch! Before starting at Hire Up Staffing, Victoria gained experience working in sales. While working in sales, she accomplished reaching her weekly quotas and going above and bey…

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Make sure your employees know their rights through COVID-19

Download this free poster to hand in the workplace, provided by the United States Department of Labor! It covers all the new laws regarding paid sick leave, expanded family, and medical leave under the families' first coronavirus response act.

Employee Rights Inline