Career Magician (aka Recruiter – Modesto)

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Meet Aphrodite Gates, Recruiter for the Modesto office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Prior to devoting her full-time work to Hire up, Aphrodite was a Sales Manager for one of the top cable companies in California where she managed her own team. With strong leadership skills, knowledge of sales and a hunger for knowledge, Aphrodite stepped into staffing. She focuses on leading job seekers to their dream careers and employers to their dream employees.

When Aphrodite is not working closely with her clients, she enjoys spending time with her love ones and focusing on her love for performing arts. At the age of fifteen Aphrodite played a lead role in a Shakespeare play A Mid-Summer Nights Dream. From that day on she fell in love with theater and spends a lot of her free time attending and participating in local plays. She also loves nature, you can occasionally find her spending her weekends growing her garden. When free for travel, Aphrodite enjoys spending her time in Hawaii and Disney World.

Aphrodite has worked for many professional companies, but her experience at Hire Up has enabled her to make a huge difference in the work force. She is excited to continue to assist in building the careers of the Valley!

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