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Employee Screening Means Smarter Hiring

Unfortunately, as many as 60% of job applicants have lied on their resume or on a job application. Proper employee screening can help you better understand your potential hires and whether or not they’re the right person for the job.

7 Benefits of Employee Screening


Avoid Unfortunate Surprises

The competitive nature of the interview process can get normally honest people lying or omitting important information. They may consider these items to be inconsequential while you use them as important benchmarks in vetting your talent. Employee screening helps to ensure you have as much info as possible to make an informed decision.


Higher Quality Candidates

More information inevitably leads to making better hires. That initial investment in talent acquisition provides a compounding return over the course of their career with your company. They deliver a more reliable and higher quality of work compared to a less qualified hire that may have falsified their application or references.


Improved Security and Safety

The hard truth is that it’s difficult to know about a hire’s malicious intentions or potential for bad behavior until it’s too late. A comprehensive criminal background check can help understand what your candidate has been involved in and how recently to properly evaluate their place on your team.


Decreased Turnover

When you make informed decisions about who you hire and end up hiring better candidates more of the time, you also end up with that talent staying in their positions for longer. By decreasing turnover, you keep your company’s productivity more consistent and decrease the resources allocated to onboarding.


Lowered Cost-Per-Hire

By decreasing turnover and keeping your productivity consistent, you can dramatically decrease your cost-per-hire. Every hire requires a financial investment, as well as an investment of time, resources, and productivity to get them up to speed.

Our Employee Screening Services

County criminal background checks

Federal background checks

County criminal records searches

Drug screening

Credit checks

Reference checks

DMV checks

TB tests

Pre-employment physicals

Start your Employee Screening Process Now!

Our Employee Screening Process

Hire Up Staffing Services is your one-stop-shop for all things related to employee screening. We take the follow up off your plate and handle everything from start to finish, getting you the items needed as quickly as possible.

Step 1 Screening Consent Form

Have your candidate fill out the employee screening consent form and email it to us for processing. This authorizes us to conduct the desired screenings and provides us with the information that we need to get started.


Step 2 Comprehensive Employee Screening

We conduct the desired levels of employee screening based on the information provided in the consent form, either in-house or via reputable third-party vendors with whom we have established trusted working relationships.

Step 3 Results and Decision

Once the screening has been conducted, you’ll be able to determine whether your candidate reports have returned any red flags. At this point, it’s ultimately up to you to determine whether they’re the right person for the job, but we can provide expert feedback based on experience with these reports and support you in making the right decision.


Step 4 (Optional) Post-Screening Probationary Period

Employee screening can tell you a lot about your candidate, but you still may not be sure about them or be ready to take on the responsibility of making the hire. We offer payrolling services that allow you to conduct a trial period and use our office as their employer of record. This saves you the need for the lengthy paperwork and employee files until you know that it’s going to be a good match. A candidate’s true testament is the way they perform in their job. Take advantage of our payrolling services until you’re completely confident in your new hire.

Start your Employee Screening Process Now!