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Get Your New Hires to Feel at Home and Achieve Success Quicker

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources


A new job is just as important for the employer as it is for the employee. Hiring a new person is a serious decision and an investment that needs a lot of consideration by the human resources or staffing contractors that companies have. As such, an employer needs to do everything to make sure the new hire feels at home and gets right on track as quickly as possible.

The sooner a new hire becomes successful, the sooner you as an employer can get a return on the investment you made. The problem is, sometimes organizations forget to take care of the newer employees, often without doing so on purpose. A lot of the times, a new person at work has to get up to speed on their own.

Nothing is wrong with that, but what if the new hire could be more productive sooner? Here are five tips to make sure these new employees reap the benefits of their employment and enjoy success at work sooner than ever.

1. Provide What They Need

It is very important to make sure a new hire has everything they need, including instructions, resources, equipment, paperwork, and the like. No matter how experienced a person is, a new workplace and job is exactly that – new. They will probably need a lot of attention and guidance, especially for the first 30 days of hiring.

2. Communicate

Talk to your new hire – check on them continually to know how they’re doing. Don’t just do this as a routine, but instead, genuinely listen to what they have to say, especially if they are having trouble keeping up. Let them know they can approach you or a supervisor any time they need to raise a concern or ask a question. This allows them to feel more comfortable and confident at work.

3. Guide Them with Clear Expectations

Make sure they know what to expect and what is expected of them. After all, how do you reach a goal without knowing what it is? Set clear expectations for both sides so they will perform better and quicker. Efficiency is the fruit of this two-way trust between employee and employer. Following through for both sides will make things easier and progressive for everyone involved.

4. Set Goals

It is also very important to set goals, both short-term and long-term, to keep track of progress. The short-term goals help them feel that they help the company already, while the long-term goals put things into perspective and give them a sense of purpose. It allows them to feel the expectations from the company, allowing them to know what part of the puzzle they fit in, how they belong to the company’s future plans, and the like.

5. Welcome Them to Your Culture

Each company or organization has their own culture. No two employers are the same, so find out what makes up your company’s culture. What do you do to help build connections and camaraderie? Simple things like monthly birthday celebrations or even happy hour, donut Fridays, or celebrating new hires in company- or department-wide meetings can make a new employee feel right at home instantly.

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