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How it works

Finding the ideal job to suit your unique skill set can be difficult in its own right.

However, finding a job that makes the most of your talent, keeps you engaged for the long term, and provides room to grow both personally and professionally is a serious challenge for most job seekers.

Our Proven Process

Explore Your Options

Explore the available positions listed on our website, determine which would be an ideal fit for your skill set, and apply to the opening.

Schedule an Interview

Self-schedule your interview with one of our expert Recruiting Managers and complete your application and registration paperwork online. Move your appointment as needed using a virtual calendar link.

Meet a Professional

Meet with your professional recruiter who will get to know you on a deeper level. They’ll evaluate your immediate needs and professional goals, then match your personalized profile to amazing opportunities.

Go to Market on a New Career

Once your interview is scheduled, your will work with you to ensure your resume, attire, and interview skills are top notch while providing advice on how to approach each specific company most effectively.

Skill Evaluation

Skill evaluations will help your determine whether or not you need specialized software tutorials to perform in your prospective positions.

Communication and Ongoing Relationship

Upon placement, we maintain regular contact with you to ensure a positive experience throughout the assignment. Once you’re hired on, we keep in touch as a way of delivering the ultimate service to both you and your employer.

Here To Help

Our proven process has helped countless job seekers like yourself find a job that makes the most of their unique talents and sets them up for long-term success. Here are a few of the key benefits of working with Hire Up Staffing Services.


Benefits of Working With Hire Up Staffing Services


Skill Evaluations and Training

To place you in the perfect position, we work hard to understand your current skill set and identify gaps that you’ll need to fill in order to get your ideal career opportunity.

We then help you balance your skill set accordingly to give you the greatest opportunity of getting the jobs best suited for your immediate and long-term goals. We can also provide you with or guide you towards the appropriate certifications you’ll need for the job.


Significant Medical Benefits

We pay monthly premiums toward medical insurance and have several voluntary insurances available as well, such as College Savings, Cancer Plans, Short-Term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, and more!


Streamlined with Technology

Our entire process is fast, easy to understand, and efficient, thanks to the various technologies we employ for support. From the initial point of contact and the immediate interview scheduling with our Recruiting Managers to the evaluation of your skills, technology helps to ensure the best results possible. You’re in control the entire way!


Long Term Support

We’re interested in YOU, a unique individual with highly specific needs. We don’t simply place people to meet quotas or boost our numbers. We work to build our networks together for a supportive, positive, and long-lasting relationship.

Are you ready to get started on the path to your new career?

If you have 2-4 years of office or professional skills experience, schedule an interview with your local office today: